Our Staff

Dr. Renee Wormack-Keels


Dr. Rene P. Wormack-Keels, Executive Director

Dr. Wormack-Keels has served as an executive director for numerous organizations.  She is an ordained National Baptist pastor, with standing in the American Baptist Church.  She retired from full time pastoral ministry in 2015.  Renee is also the former regional director of Prison Fellowship Ministries for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.


Madeleine Trichel, Curriculum Consultant

Ms. Trichel served as director of the Interfaith Center for Peace for 25 years.  She provides the curriculum to HPI and has volunteered for 15 years at Marion and Chillicothe prior to serving at ORW and London.  She is also an anti-racism trainer for the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Mary Kerns, Program Coordinator — Ohio Reformatory for Women

Ms. Kerns has deep experience as a successful substance abuse counselor and cognitive behavioral specialist, working with men and women who are struggling with substance abuse issues and those transitioning back to the community after incarceration.  Mary is the lead staff member at ORW, provides oversight and supervision to other staff and all program volunteers.

Susan Dick, Volunteer Coordinator — Ohio Reformatory for Women

Susan has recently assumed the role of volunteer coordinator.  She worked with Dr. Pam Patsch until her retirement from HPI.  Susan has been a volunteer at ORW for over 10 years, serving in the areas of trauma healing classes and conflict resolution.