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Droppin’ Knowledge For ’Em: The Truth From Prison

March 19, 2018 / / Horizon News

  They don’t tell you these stories, man, in Scared Straight. But you ain’t scary. I can see it in your young face. Wild juvenile. Wild, wild juvenile. It ain’t too late to straighten up, man, and turn around. – Wild Juvenile from Droppin’ Knowledge For ’Em Prison is not glamorous. It’s not a right […]

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How Do You Parent From Prison?

March 19, 2018 / / Horizon News

Have you ever forgotten that it was your day to carpool or that a big school event was today? The guilt can stay with you for ages. You love your child, of course, but nobody is perfect. Now imagine the guilt if your “not perfect-ness” landed you in prison. You’re still a parent. You still […]

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“I Used to Have His Number, But Now I Have His Back.” 

August 22, 2017 / / Horizon News

Dialogues on Race in Ohio Prisons A core belief of Horizon Prison Initiative is that dignity, honor, and respect are due to each and every human being. Each summer, Horizon program coordinators work alongside prison staff sorting through dozens of applications for the fall program cycle. Horizon intentionally seeks people from urban and rural settings, […]

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On Behalf Of The Horizon Prison Initiative Board

December 13, 2015 / / Horizon News

The Horizon Prison Initiative is a proven multifaith program of transformation of hundreds of Ohio inmates and the prisons in which they are incarcerated. Horizon’s effectiveness earned the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s evaluation of “best practices.” This after 16 years, a significant reduction in inmate violence within the prisons and a recidivism rate […]

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Press Release: Horizon Graduates 137 Inmates in Three Ohio Prisons

June 11, 2015 / / Horizon News

One hundred thirty-seven inmates incarcerated at Marion, Chillicothe, and London Correctional Institutions graduated from Horizon Prison Initiative’s 12 month prison program in June. A graduation ceremony was held in each institution in which family, friends, volunteers, and institution staff attended – followed by a luncheon. “Many believe that prisons are America’s junkyard,” says Jeff Hunsaker, […]

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Urban Faith Publishes Horizon

February 25, 2015 / / Horizon News

Urban Faith is an evangelical-minded website of contemporary journalism that’s committed to biblical Christianity, social justice, and an irenic engagement with culture. Urban Faith  an extension of Urban Ministries Inc. (UMI), Katelin Hansen (@BTSFblog) is the editor of By Their Strange Fruit (BTSF), an online ministry facilitating justice and understanding across racial divides. BTSF explores […]

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Horizon Inmates Address Annual Church Conference

June 12, 2014 / / Horizon News

On June 9th, Jeff Hunsaker, Horizon Executive Director, and three Horizon graduates addressed the United Methodist Church West Annual Conference. The half-hour presentation drew great praise from conference attendees. The conference was streamed live. View the one-half hour presentation at The presentation is the 8th live stream block down at the 1:11 time mark. […]

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