Graduate Quotes

Our participants find new confidence and hope that they can carry with them forever. Here’s what they have to say about the program:

“I just want to grow to be a better role model for my son. He has lost valuable time with me.”

“Horizon gave me light. Many, many battles were going on in my mind and heart. Horizon helped me lay my weapons down and find peace. I will never forget my family and the people who helped me stand up and take the first step.”

“Matthew 5:43-47 is the code I live by now.”

“When I came to Horizon I was filled with anger and hate. God and Horizon helped transform my life from the inside out. For the first time there were people who trusted and believed in me when I didn’t even trust and believe in myself.”

“I’ve learned how to be less aggressive and take it down a few notches.”

“I had no idea that Horizon was going to affect me so much. It’s not so much about following a bunch of rules and regulations but a true intimate relationship with my creator. Funny, I would not have known this unless I had come to prison. Without Horizon I would still be lost.”

“I can now say that I know what God wants me to do. Horizon broke the shell that was around me.”

“I am serving life without parole. Horizon has given me hope. I now encourage others to be better men and to shed the evil for the good. Thank you Horizon.”