Right Time/Horizon Communication Seminars

November 16, 2013 / Horizon Staff / Horizon News

Right Time LLC has conducted three communications seminars for Horizon Prison Initiative. A two and one-half hour seminar was held for all Horizon participants and Encouragers November 14th at Chillicothe Correctional Institution, December 11th at London, and December 17th at Marion. 


The objective of the seminars was to improve communication between and among Coordinators, Encouragers, and program participants by identifying communication styles.

When people with consonant communication styles are grouped together, style similarity will allow for less conflict and thereby provide for smoother transition to group bonding. Since Participants have a limited time in the Program it would seem the more quickly non-conflicted communication could be established between group members the better the rehabilitative outcomes desired will be achieved.

Right Time is an Ohio based faith-based company committed to offender prosocial reintegration. The seminars will be conducted by Dr. Samantha Kurtz and Willie Davis. Right Time assessed program participants within the three institutions in preparation for the seminars.


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