Handmade Baby Clothes for Families Who Need a Hand

October 4, 2017 / / Uncategorized

Many women who are in prison have lived in poverty and have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. They understand the struggles parents face in those situations.

Horizon participants at the Ohio Reformatory for Women decided to lend a hand to families who are struggling today. They created a community service project to crochet baby clothes and donate them to Central Ohio free stores. The beautiful color combinations and thoughtful details show the care they took to make these outfits.

T, the woman who spearheaded the project, grew up in poverty and remembers children making fun of her and her siblings for wearing tattered clothing to school. Sometimes, she said, they even threw rocks at her. Later, T had children of her own and had to make difficult choices to provide for them.

“I just want homeless kids to have at least one nice outfit in their lives,” she said.

Healthy living within a community is a core part of the Horizon program. Participants spend 10 months learning to appreciate differences in others and discovering new ways to resolve conflict. But community living goes beyond conflict resolution. It involves connecting with others and reaching out to someone who needs a hand, which is something people can do even from prison.

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