Why Horizon Is Needed

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Horizon breaks the incarceration cycle.

Though the United States is home to only 4% of the total world population, it is home to 25% of the total world’s prison population.Over the last five decades, the United States has incarcerated more of its citizens than any other country in the world.

Currently, there are nearly 2.5 million adults in U.S. prisons; sadly, upon release 67% will reoffend and return to prison within three years.

Today’s broken criminal justice system has created huge social, moral, and monetary costs. Tough-on-crime policies have trapped, shamed, and condemned millions of Americans and their families to second class citizens.

Recidivism is high. Budgets are strained.

Horizon specifically addresses the criminal mindset of the incarcerated which leads to cyclical incarceration and its impact on prisons and communities. These thoughts and behaviors cause chaotic and stressful prison environments and upon release from prison result in entire communities affected by the previously incarcerated who quickly become the re-incarcerated.

At Horizon we believe it is not only imperative to break this cycle, but that it is easily done by helping the men learn how to break it.  For many, a criminal mindset was ingrained at an early age; they know no other way, or they think another way is unattainable for someone “like them”.  Whether they’ve been sentenced to a few years or sentenced to life, transformation is possible and the benefits reach far past prison walls.

It is an all too familiar story.

After paying their debt to society, formerly incarcerated individuals go home. Home to the same circumstances that fostered the environment that led them to prison.

“This time will be different.  I’ll stay away from bad influences. I’ll get a good job. I’ll be a better father. I’ll be a better man.  I won’t repeat the same mistakes.  If I only I knew HOW.”

This individual, eager for a fresh start, has a 2 out of 3 chance of going BACK to prison.  The ripple effect begins.  A new victim.A community with yet another crime.Another burden to the taxpayer.  A family provider gone. Another number added to the statistics.  But, not if we show them HOW, and Horizon does!

Horizon Prison Initiative is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.