New Computer Labs

September 20, 2013 / / Horizon News

computer 3Horizon Prison Initiative participants are improving their education and self-image through the installation of new computer labs and specialized educational software.

The new computer labs and software is designed to reduce recidivism once an inmate is released back into the community.

“Recidivism is a major problem in our country today,” says Jeff Hunsaker, Executive Director of Horizon Prison Initiative Ohio. “Eight out of ten released inmates now return to prison in ten years. However, there are motivated inmates who want to use their prison time wisely and improve their chances of successfully reintegrating into society. Our new computer labs and educational programming will help those who have harmed society now embrace society.”  

Horizon Prison Initiative’s mission is to transform prisoners who transform prisons and communities. Horizon operates programs in three Ohio prisons, Marion, London, and Chillicothe.

assessmentParticipants now have access to a variety of classes, including mathematics, reading, language arts, writing, management skills, and GED preparation,” says Jeff.

The new computer labs will help them overcome any insecurity they have about their current knowledge level. In addition, the program design enables Horizon participants  to help other Horizon participants, a key “serving others” principle within the Horizon community.”

The new computers were made possible through an Ohio Attorney grant, Huntington National Bank, and Columbus State Community College. The software was provided by New Century Corporation, a national educational leader for disenfranchised populations.


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