On Behalf Of The Horizon Prison Initiative Board

December 13, 2015 / Horizon Staff / Horizon News

Board of DirectorsThe Horizon Prison Initiative is a proven multifaith program of transformation of hundreds of Ohio inmates and the prisons in which they are incarcerated.

Horizon’s effectiveness earned the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s evaluation of “best practices.” This after 16 years, a significant reduction in inmate violence within the prisons and a recidivism rate of 9% among program graduates.

At the heart of Horizon’s year-long program is the awareness that trauma, first experienced and then perpetrated, is a root cause of violence, crime and mass-incarceration.

HorizonLogo_Small_COLORHorizon knows that inmates, who grow in their faith and learn to respect the faith of others, are on the road to transformation.

While many religions are represented in this program in which participants live and learn in diverse multifaith, multiracial families, the vast majority are either Christian or Muslim.

Imagine Christians and Muslims growing in the truth of their own faiths and learning to respect the truth inherent in the faith traditions of those different, who become beloved brothers.

The proven effectiveness of Horizon is grounded in the reality that Christians, Muslims, Jews and all people of faith and good will move from trauma toward wholeness in the light of the same God, as they embrace the teaching of the great Hindu, Gandhi, namely,” An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.”

Horizon salutes its many Muslim inmates, volunteers and Board members and prays for the day when recognition of faithful Muslims will erase fear and intolerance, thus encouraging sanity and hope to permeate this nation, as it does the transformed lives of Horizon participants of all faiths.

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