Press Release: Horizon Graduates 137 Inmates in Three Ohio Prisons

June 11, 2015 / Horizon Staff / Horizon News

One hundred thirty-seven inmates incarcerated at Marion, Chillicothe, and London Correctional Institutions graduated from Horizon Prison Initiative’s 12 month prison program in June. A graduation ceremony was held in each institution in which family, friends, volunteers, and institution staff attended – followed by a luncheon.

“Many believe that prisons are America’s junkyard,” says Jeff Hunsaker, Horizon’s Executive Director. “We believe prisoners are a home to a soul that is inherently holy. Our program transforms inmates who transform prisons and communities.”

Horizon Prison Initiative is a multifaith non-profit organization that collaborates with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to operate Horizon programs in three Ohio prisons, London, Chillicothe, and Marion. In the last 15 years over a thousand Ohio inmates have completed the program with a Horizon graduate recidivism 40% below the national average and 18% below the State of Ohio recidivism rate.

“There is love to be found in prison,” said Dr. Karl Klett, commencement speaker, a 20 year incarcerated inmate, Horizon graduate, and author. “You cannot change what you have done, but you can change who you are and how to live your life.”

Horizon’s transformation process is not a quick fix. Participants attend mandatory and elective classes centering on spiritual development, character reformation, victim awareness, trauma recovery, anger management, decision making, conflict resolution, and more.

“Trauma not transformed is transferred. These 137 graduates have spent over 70,000 classroom hours during their one year program. They have become men who are accountable, spiritual, and of value to their victims, fellow inmates, families, and communities. ” said Hunsaker.

For further information contact Jeff Hunsaker, (614) 581-4940, or visit

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