Transforming Prisoners Who Transform Prisons and Communities

The United States houses nearly 2.5 million men and women in prison. For those who are released, half will return to prison within 3 years.

The system is broken, and the costs – financial, emotional, and societal – are great.

Horizon Prison Initiative is breaking the cycle

Horizon Prison Initiative works with inmates who want to become better people. They
apply and commit to a 10-month program where they learn how to handle conflict
and accept others. When they graduate and rejoin the general prison population,
their new skills and new sense of worth affect those around them, too, making
the prison a safer place for everyone.

HPI also lowers the rate of recidivism for inmates who are released, from 50% down
to 10%. That means 90% of HPI graduates stay out of prison. They are too busy
working and becoming better partners, better parents, and better citizens.

Help people who are ready to change

HPI serves men in Marion, Chillicothe, and London prisons. In 2016, we will begin our first program for women in Marysville.

Our program is effective, and it’s growing, which is why we need your help.

Taxpayers spend $26,000 per year to house each prison. The cost to send a participant through HPI is $1,600. Our goal is to raise enough funding this year to send 200 people through the program.

Imagine how many lives that will affect. Be a part of something that works. Volunteer or donate to the Horizon Prison Initiative today.